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Spicy Garlic and Herb Red Bliss Potato Salad

5# Baby "B" Red Bliss Potatoes
1 Jar 7.4 oz Razing Cane Garlic Relish
1 large onion julienne Diced Fine
6 Hard Boiled Eggs - Chopped
1/2 cup Dijon Mustard
1 cup Cider Vinegar - warmed
2 Cups Miracle Whip Salad Dressing
1/4 Celery Seeds
1/4 cup fresh parsley diced
1 tsp smoked sea salt
1 Tablespoon diced fresh Basil
1 tsp fresh Rosemary chopped
1 tsp fresh thyme
2 Tsp Creepin Quag Hot Sauce -2008 Golden Chile Winner 2008-2007 Scovie Award Winner, 2007 The Hot Pepper Awards Winner


Cup potatoes in half
Boil until just tender drain
Add warm vinegar pouring over potatoes and toss
Add Onion, Garlic Relish and toss to coat potatoes
Mix Miracle Whip, Mustard, Creepin Quag Hot Sauce, mix with potatoes
Add all other ingredients and chill

Zesty Cole Slaw
The Dressing
1/2 cup Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup Red Wine Vinegar
2 oz Dijon Mustard
1 cup Blended Oil
2 oz Olive Oil
1/2 TBL Basil
1/2 TBL Oregano
1/2 TBL Thyme
1/2 tsp Black Pepper
1/2 tsp Lemon Juice
1 TBL Minced Garlic
2 tsp Worchestershire Sauce
1 TBL Sugar
1 tsp Salt
1 TBL Dried Parsley
2 TBL Spittin Fire™ Hot Sauce

Place Vinegars and Mustard into a food processor and mix. With machine running slowly
drizzle oils into processor so as to blend the vinegar with the oil. Add all other
Ingredients with processor running.
Fine shred a head of cabbage and 1 onion. Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate
over night, Serve as a side dish with any of your grillin items.

Smoked Chicken Tortellini for Salads

3#'s of boneless chicken thighs

Chicken Marinade
3 oz Creepin Quag™ Hot Sauce
3 Tbl Montreal Chicken Seasoning
1/2 cup Dijon mustard
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves fresh garlic (minced fine)
2 shallots (minced Fine)
1 cup white wine
1/4 White Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup fresh rosemary leaves
1 Tbl Kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper

Coat Chicken with Creepin Quag™ Hot Sauce
Next sprinkle chicken with the Montréal Seasoning
Combine all other ingredients in a mixing bowl
Place chicken into a 2 gallon Zip Lock Baggie
Add Marinate Mixture to the bag and coat chicken
Refrigerate Chicken for at least 12 hours, turning bag every so often
Set up your smoker and smoke Marinated chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees, I prefer to use apple wood for my smoker, but you may use whatever wood you prefer.
Chill smoked chicken and dice into cubes

Smoked Chicken Tortellini Salad
2 #'s frozen Cheese Tortellini's cooked and chilled
10 ripe plum tomatoes - diced
1 can ripe black olives
1 small red onion diced
1 green pepper diced
1 red pepper diced
1 cup shredded parmesan cheese
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes - diced
2 cups of fat free Italian Dressing or Fat Free Creamy Ranch
1/2 cup Zesty Pesto - see below

mix pesto with dressing, add all ingredients to a big bowl, toss and refrigerate at least 4 hours to blend flavors!

Bon Appétit Zesty Pesto
2 bunches of fresh basil
1 whole bulb fresh garlic peeled
2 cups extra virgin olive oil
2 cups pine nuts
2 cups fresh grated parmesan cheese
1 Tsp Spittin Fire™ Hot Sauce

Place garlic in food processor and process on high, add pine nuts and chop until smooth add basil, pulse until basil is chopped then leave machine running add oil, if too thick add some more oil slowly, pesto should be a little thin add parmesan cheese and hot sauce, pulse until smooth, place into a container and refrigerate. Enjoy!

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