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2010-2009 Golden Chile Winner - 2009 Scovie Winner Papa Jack's Buffalo Hot Sauce™2009 Golden Chile Winner - 2009 Scovie Winner Razing Cane Garlic Relish™, See our 32 National Awards for Hot Sauces here: our products page!

Recent comment from: Brian Mattias Hi folks - After my eyes were rolling back in my head last night dipping a grilled pork chop, I just had to send y'all a note. To echo some other 'testimonials', your Creepin' Quag is simply an outstanding, amazingly wonderful concoction!!! I've never had anything quite like it. Kudos to Chef Bud & your crew! To quote Guy Fieri, this one's "off the hook!!" CRAZY good stuff!! Can't wait to try some of the others I just discovered on your site here...

Todd Vincent from Monday Night Mayhem Comments on Sizzlin Sauces! Todd says, "Hey Bud, it's "Todd Vincent" from the Monday Night Mayhem radio show. Keep up the great work with the Sizzlin' Sauces . I'm actually 4 for 4 on making bets telling people that they couldn't handle the heat. Your products taglines are no joke."

Arthur Mroczek Promotion Manager World Wrestling Entertainment Comments on Sizzlin Sauces Chef Bud Writing to thank you for the wonderful Sizzlin Sauces package you recently sent. Cracked open the Razing Cane Garlic Relish that same night on some steak.... delicious! Many competing sauces on the market are simply to overpowering with no flavor. You make a great product that compliments dishes and adds just the right amount of heat. I am sure we will be contacting once my supply runs dry! Wishing you continued success.

As a Corporate Chef of the largest Foodservice Distributor in the country, every day I have the opportunity to see, test and try new products. When Chef Selmi asked me to try his new hot sauce and give him my opinion, he knew that I would be critical and honest with him. Hot Sauces are an item that that crosses my kitchen all the time. Real HOT Sauces are usually just that HOT. They are added to something just to "kick it up a notch". Spittin Fire I found gave you that tip of the tongue high energy flavor and the back of the palette fire that you expect from a great hot sauce. I think Chef Selmi has a winner.
Gary Sheldon CEC AAC (Certified Executive Chef, American Academy of Chefs)
Corporate Executive Chef
Sysco of Northern New England

Scott Hudson comments on Sizzlin Sauces: Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2009 by sizzlinsauces Chef Bud Monday Night Mayhem’s National WWE Correspondent, Former WCW Announcer, Former Backstage Voice of TNA Wrestling Scott Hudson comments on Sizzlin Sauces: “In the south, there are three seasonings: butter, salt and butter. Things can tastes a little bland at times. Chef Bud’s Sizzlin Sauces have become a staple with my f…riends and family. Whether its bathing a rack of ribs in Roadhouse Southern Sunset, sprinkling the Creepin Quag over homestyle fried potatoes or eating the Razing Cane Garlic Relish on crackers right out of the jar, a cookout, a 3-hour tailgating party or, believe it or not, a church social, just is not complete without Sizzlin Sauces.”

In our home there are several bottles of hot sauce in circulation all the time. We find ourselves reaching for Spittin Fire Hot Sauce all the time now! Too bad for the rest, but they just cannot match the flavor. Heat with a special taste that is as wonderful as it is and also great in cooking. The best ever, we think it's addictive.
Kristie Haupt
Groveland, MA

I sampled the XXX hot sauce and bought a bottle on the spot. Im looking forward to trying the many other products here in the very near future. I would like to offer a word of warning to future customers: The flavor and heat of this product may be addictive!
Ken Jordan
N. Conway, NH

Spittin Fire is not just hot, but tastes great too. I put it on everything. Keep the fire extinguisher close by though. This hot sauce definitely isn’t for wimps.
Fred Martino
N. Conway, NH

My Culinary Arts students and I had the flavorful experience to try "SPITTIN FIRE". It is powerful and makes its own accent and signature on your food. My students found it made the creative taste difference in their chilis and soups.... a new warmth with incredible zest. They are excited about finding new ways to add SIZZLIN SAUCES to their lab menus.
Trudi Kasianchuk
Culinary Arts Instructor
MWV Career and Tech

Chef Bud, mucho thanx for the sauces...and kudos for a job well done...great balance of heat and flavor...
Daniel Laybourn

San Francisco, CA

I got the bottle you sent, thank you very much. Now I can work on getting you the orders. I tried it last night and thought it was awesome. Really like the flavor, but definately has to be used with caution.
Joe Guido

Rte.28, Old Forge, New York 13420

Hey Bud, I am a huge hot sauce fan! Right when I got home after meeting with you, I made a pot of spaghetti & poured on some of your Creepin' Quag ...I love it! It's got a unique taste, good bite and a sweet hint. I was skeptical at first ...but the taste is right from the hot sauce God's! The sauce gets better every time I have it. I've been trying it on everything: beans & franks, coleslaw - yes coleslaw, and I discovered mixing the hot sauce with sour cream creates a nice dipping/topping sauce on your favorite mexican dish - try it! Nice web site too! I'm interested in purchasing some other flavors soon. Keep makin' sauce,
Aaron Rasmussen
Berlin, NH

Chef Bud,
Just want to thank you for the great service and great sauce. I find habaneros to be uniquely flavorful as well as hot, and your sauce is one of the few that takes full advantage of the flavor component. Although the tastes are quite different, Spittin Fire goes on the top shelf right next to Lottie's as my favorites. I'll be back for more, and at the rate I am consuming Spittin Fire it won't be long.
Thanks again. Hope you have the degree of success you want with your products.
Jack Ainsworth

I've been tasting and using a different variety of hot sauces for business and home for over 20 years. I have 8-10 different bottles of sauce in the fridge or cupboard right now! The first time I tasted the Spittin' Fire the thing I noticed was the flavor and then the heat came on pretty strong but not too bad. Then I got my hands on a bottle of _Creepin' Quag!!_ This has pushed all the other sauces to the back seat. The Cranberry Flavor is just the right amount. This stuff is so good that I eat it on almost everything. Pizza, steak, chicken, fish, soups, you name it. I could probably eat this stuff for breakfast!! Keep on makin' it cause I don't wanna run out!

Dear Bud,
Thank you so very, very, much for the relish.. I worked in West Lebanon yesterday and had a pretty slippery ride home, so your package helped de-stress the situation in a big way. We polished off a jar in no time. It is really great! On Sunday I am planning a pit cook and can't wait to see how it tastes with some grilled curried shrimp and grilled stuffed pork.Thanks again for the wonderful relish!!!!
Warmest regards,

tried your product at the margarita grille while on vacation...loved it... took home some spittin fire for myself..keep it up!!!!
Kyle Defarias
Fall River, Ma.

I am a friend of Shayla McDowell's. She turned me on to your products and they are the BEST. I will never use any other hot sauce!
Caitlin Tobin
Shelburne VT

i love the spittin fire XXX Reserve sauce you guys put out, and DAMN is it hot. my aunt and uncle got it for me when at bike week (i guess) and i've loved it ever since. I even brought it to school because the hot sauce there sucks (frenches red hot). i made a few people try it... one cried and all the others ran for water. once a kid sat at the table, not knowing what the hot sauce was, and took a big swig of it! oh man he payed for that. once again i love your sauce. i'd love to try something hotter! keep up the great work!
Kyle Hitchings
Groveland Mass.

Got the sauces a bit ago and have been using them regularly. I have to say... that Papa Jack makes a damn good steak sauce. A bit sweet at first, but then that good steady heat kicked in and stayed with me for the entire cut of meat. I also tried some creepin' quag on the steak... mmmm. Had the nose running on that one. My roommate used a bunch of the XXX in some chili he made for the Superbowl, and it was delicious as well. All in all, good work!
Tom Keohane

We tried your hot sauces and love them. It was a close call but I think the Howlin' Hollar is the best. People liked Creepin' Quag for the flavor and hot and Spittin' Fire for the hot hot, but for the average person, Howlin' Hollar had the flavor without the intense burn.
My friend who used to own a hot sauce shop on the Cape said "wow!"
Wendy Monninger
Warren, NH

Comments: Hi, we where at Margarita “VILLE” Grill Yesterday Feb.24 my wife and me brought some of you’re hot sauce. So now, I am sending your web site down to Fla. Hope that you will get some more customers. This has to be the best sauce that I ever had.
Peter G Tolksdorf
Derry, NH

Comments: First of all, I think your hot sauce is amazing!
Mike Moniello
Nutley, NJ

Your HOT SAUCE IS AMAZING!!! I tried the garlic relish on a polish dog it was delicious. Thank you again!
~Heidi~ Givattia
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